Skin Tag Removal



3 Skin Tags       $125.00

$30.00 for each additional skin tag.

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Skin tags are the growth of a small piece of skin that hangs onto the body by a thin stalk. They’re medically known as an acrochordon. So, are skin tags dangerous? They’re benign. They may grow on the Eyelids, on the Neck, in the Groin area, or under the Armpits. They are non-cancerous, but they may cause discomfort depending on where they are growing. They vary in size and shape and are usually darker than the skin.

Some skin tags are significantly raised off the skin by a peduncle. This refers to the small piece of skin which creates a branch-like appearance on the skin where it is hanging. They are benign but are still called tumors because they are an ‘abnormal’ growth on the body.

They may cause discomfort and could even lead to a painful infection when they grow on a body part that encounters a lot of contact with other skin or fabric. This may irritate the tag, causing it to become infected, sore or painful. Even if they are not sourced deep into the skin, they will still cause you to pain during skin tag infection treatment or removal.


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