Nail Fungus Infections


4 sessions plus a 3 month follow up appointment included $950.00 or $237.50 per session x 4, with follow up appointment included.

Toenail Fungus ( Onychomycosis ) : Unsightly with yellow or brown colouring, twisted or misshapen nails. Often people are embarrassed by their feet. 1 out of 3 people suffer from toenail fungus.
Toenail fungus is also removed with a Q-Switched laser. The laser targets the melanin in the fungi cells killing the fungi. The toes may feel slightly warm as the laser passes over the nail. For best results treatments are once a week for 4 weeks with a follow up. The average toenail takes 12 months to fully grow out. Its best to keep your nails short, change your socks several times a day, keep your feet dry aired with sandals when possible and have your own personal clippers to keep from re infecting or spreading the fungus to others in the family.

Nail fungus infections can be embarrassing and painful if left untreated.  We offer hope to those for whom other fungus removal methods have not worked.

Our laser treatment is an an alternative to oral medications. It is a simple and quick procedure that is drug free and painless and has no noticeable side effects or complications. It will kill the fungal infection.

In just a few months, your toenails can have new, clear and healthy growth.





In just 30 minutes our laser technicians can kill the pathogens that cause toenail fungus (Onychomycosis).

Four treatments, weekly intervals, and a simple follow up routine to prevent reinfection are all that you will require to permanently end the fungal infection. You will see significant improvements in the health and appearance of your toenails three to four months following treatment.


Aftercare instructions

Laser treatment for Onychomycosis (fungus) infection does not cause any trauma to the nail or surrounding tissue. There is no healing process but the aftercare is critical to the success of the treatment.

After the laser treatment, your technician will apply an antifungal cream to each nail and sterilize your shoes with UV light. You will put on clean socks so that your nails, socks and shoes are not contaminated with fungus.

The aftercare routine must be followed to eradicate the infection:

UV sterilize or Lysol spray any shoes that you wear every day.
This must be done before wearing any shoes that you own as the fungal spores will be present anywhere that your feet have been.

Apply Clotrimozole (anti-fungal) cream twice daily to all nails.

Wear clean socks every day.
If your feet become damp, change socks and sterilize shoes more frequently.

Cut away as much of the infected nail as possible as it grows out.

Completing the four laser treatments and strictly following this aftercare routine results in a 99% success rate. Failure to follow the aftercare instructions will result in reinfection – you are responsible for your own success and results!


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